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 League rules follow Florida High School Athletic Association rules with the following exceptions:

  • BIG 10- Grades 4-5 • 10 foot basket • 10 minute quarters
  • BIG EAST- Grades 6-8 • 10 foot basket • 10 minute quarters

Girls Only:

  • WNBA JR - Grades 3-5 • 10 foot basket • 8 minute quarters
  • WNBA SR - Grades 6-8 • 10 foot basket • 10 minute quarters


  • BIG 12 (Co-ed) - Grades 9-12** • 10 foot basket • 10 minute quarters 
  • ACC (Co-ed)- Grades K-1 • 8 foot basket • 8 minute quarters  
  • SEC- Grades 2-3 • 9 foot basket • 8 minute quarters 

    **cannot be 18 yrs old at start of a new calendar year

League rules follow Florida High School Athletic Association rules by default with some exceptions:

Following exceptions:
1. Enforced by the referees, two (2) coaches are permitted on the bench, the head coach and one assistant coach. Parents, family members, friends are not allowed on the bench with the players. Teams or Coaches that are found in violation of this will be issued a warning and all non-coaches will have to leave the bench and sit elsewhere. Failure by the coach to have them removed may result in a technical (2 shots). Multiple technicals may be given.


2. Two officials are used for each game but one is acceptable if there are unforeseen circumstances.


3. All players must be listed on their team rosters at the start of the game. Any Coach found having a player play for their team not listed on that team’s roster and the J-Hoops staff was not notified prior to the start of that game, will forfeit that game and be warned going forward and possibly suspended for their next scheduled game upon further review.


4. Any player that elects to play up a division will have to remain in that division throughout the season and cannot play down under any circumstances.


 5. Teams are permitted to start games with only four players present. In a situation where a team only has 4 players they can be allowed to pick up a registered J-Hoops player in a younger division. Teams with 4 players may have to play under a 5 on 4 scenario. If a team ends up with 3 players during the course of the game (unless temporarily due to an injury and the player returns), the game may end or resume. See Rule #8


 6. Games will consist of four 8 or 10 minute running quarters with the clock able to stop in the last minute of the second quarter and the last two minutes of the fourth quarter. See also Rule #13 (Overtime) and #18.


 7. Each team will get two time-outs per half.  Time outs not used from first half will not carry over to the second half. Each team gets one additional timeout for overtime. An  extra time out will be given to both teams per half in the event one or both teams has 4  or 5 players at the start of the game.


 8. Teams in a position to end up with or 4 or 3 players due to a player foul out(6 fouls) those players can stay on the floor but each subsequent Personal Foul by the players that had fouled out results in a technical (2 shots) and the team shooting keeps possession*.

 *If a player makes his shot and is fouled then that player is awarded only 1 free throw and the team maintains possession.


 9. Any forfeit will be recorded by a score of 15-0.


10. Players will foul out on their sixth personal foul.


11. Boundaries: Enforced by the referees, coaches are to remain on their side of the half court at all times during play except to visit the scorekeeper. The Half court line is the boundary that separates both sides. First violation will be a verbal warning given by the referee. Second violation will be a technical foul (2 shots). Two technicals like any other will result in (2 shots), removal from game, and a possible suspension.


12. Players/Coaches/ will be removed from the game by the official and suspended for one game for the following infractions:

  • Two unsportsmanlike technical fouls
  • One flagrant technical foul that results in an ejection from the game


13. Overtime will consist of  minutes with the clock stopping the last minute of overtime. Starting with the third overtime only two minutes will be put on the clock.


14. Back Court Violations on DEFENSE for ACC thru Big East and both WNBA’s- a warning will be given for the 1st violation in the first 3 quarters of play and if in the course of a violation a turnover occurs, the referee shall stop play and the ball will be taken from out of bounds. A second violation will result in technical foul (2 shots). In the 4th quarter, any back court violation that occurs even with no prior occurrence in the first 3 quarters will result in a technical with (2 shots).

15. Jump Balls: We default to High School rules that states when two players are fighting for the ball, possession will alternate after each occurrence. For a team to call timeout and maintain possession, a team must clearly have the ball. When two players are fighting for the ball, a timeout cannot be called at this point. Play can only stop when the referee blows the whistle and the ball will go to whichever team is supposed to get the ball.



16. Pressing:

  • In the Big 12, pressing (Full court) is allowed at any time during games including overtime.
  • In the Big East, pressing (Full Court) is allowed in the last 2 min of each quarter including overtime.
  • In both WNBA'S, SEC and Big 10 only: pressing(Full court) is allowed in the last minute of the 2nd quarter and the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter including the overtime period with 2 min remaining. During the 3rd overtime, pressing is allowed the entire time.
  • ACC ONLYOnly half court in the last minute of the 2nd quarter and last two minutes of the 4th quarter including overtime. (See also ACC transition Rule #21).
  • Initial violations of any of the above will result in stoppage of play and a warning from the referee. Further violations will result in a Technical (2) shots and for every occurrence thereafter.
  • However, no pressing is allowed when a team is winning by 16pts or more. Coaches that are found in violation of this will receive a warning by the referee and be subject to a Technical (2) shots upon the second violation. Further violation will result in another Technical (2 shots), removal from the game, possible suspension and future standing as a coach in the league.


17. In all Divisions the ball must cross the half court line within 10 seconds. Violation of this will result in a turnover.


18. The Scorekeepers will control the Clock and Score. If a team is down by more than 20 points in the last 2 minutes of the game, the clock will not stop for any reason other than a time out. 

19.  It is the responsibility of the coaches to make sure that the player participation rule is in compliance which is half of each game but there are exceptions. Habitual violation of the playing time rule may result in a suspension of the Coach.


20. Playing time Exceptions:

  • At the Head Coaches discretion, any player that misses the practice prior to their next scheduled game for any reason will not be guaranteed their half game playing time but will at least have a minimum of one quarter required time.
  • Players arriving after tip-off will NOT be guaranteed playing time in the first half of the game. That same player will forfeit one quarter of the required playing time.  Players arriving after half time will NOT be guaranteed playing time and will also forfeit any required playing time.


21. ACC point after transition rule states: before the last minute of the 2nd quarter and before the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter, when a team has scored a basket the offense must wait for the defense to get back and set up to defend behind their 3 point line. Once any offensive player with the ball crosses the half court line they will have a 10 second grace period (enforced by the referees) before the defense is allowed to come out from behind their 3-point line to defend any player with or without the ball. The offense may use the full 10 second grace period at their discretion and can penetrate the 3-point line at any time to pass or score. Once a pass or player with the ball crosses the 3-point line, the grace period ends and it’s fair game. In the last 20 seconds of the game if a basket is made that gets a team within 5 points of the other, the clock will stop until the player with the ball crosses the half court line or a pass is made that crosses that line for the clock to begin again. This will repeat if another basket is made within the same time frame.


22. ACC behind 3-Point line defense: A ball can be blocked, stolen, or knocked away while defending behind the 3-point line during the 10 second grace period. Both feet must be behind the line in this action. If violation occurs by breach of line within the 10 second grace period,depending on the scenario the following may result:

(1) A warning will be given if no turnover occurs.

(2) If a turnover results from the violation, the referee will stop play, the ball will go back to the offense(at the half court) and the 10 second grace period restarts.

(3) Upon a second violation whether a turnover results or not, a Technical (2 shots) will be given and for every occurrence thereafter.


23. ACC 3-Point shots: A shot made behind the 3 point line while the transition rule is in effect will count only as 2 points. Exception: In the last minute of the 2nd quarter, the last 2 minutes of 4th quarter and throughout any overtime period a 3 point shot made will count as 3 points.


24. Playoffs: Bringing a player up from a younger division is not permitted in the playoffs. Exception: (Big 12). If both teams at game time only have 4 players then the game can proceed under that scenario. If a 5th player shows up after the fact for either team, it will proceed as 5 on 4. If any team drops down to 3 players at any time during the game, the game will end and that team will have to forfeit the remainder of the game.


25. Coaches are required to notify each player of practice and game times when changes occurs.


*It is mandatory that Head coach and Asst. Coach wear their official J-Hoops Coach’s shirt on game day. Violation of this rule may result in a technical foul (2 shots) at the start of the game if enforced by the referees.