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                                                   J-HOOPS CODE OF CONDUCT

1. Parents/Coaches must be a positive influence for their son or daughter’s basketball experience and it is imperative that parents, coaches or any other spectator speak and act in a positive and acceptable manner throughout the season that includes games, practices and/or events.


2. Any Coach, Parent or Player who does not conform to the rules and standards of the JCC may be removed from the league at the league coordinator’s discretion.

3. No Coach, player or parent shall engage in any form of voicing displeasure with game officials, any DPJCC staff or other spectators during or after the game. The J-Hoops staff members are not referees nor will they be involved in or overrule a disputed call. Failure to abide by this rule could result in a technical, probation, suspension or removal from the league.


4. Parents/Spectators/Coaches should focus solely on their own team. Attention paid to what the other team is doing and how they are playing is not for any Parent/Spectator/Coach to pass judgment on and/or criticize. Any issues that do arise should originate around their own team.  


5. Parents/Spectators should never enter the court of play unless during an injury timeout involving their child and is signaled to assist by the coaches, referees, or staff. Failure to abide by this rule may result in removal from the gym.


6. Any use of profanity by a coach or unsportsmanlike conduct toward the opposing team, coach or official is not permitted and may result in a technical foul by the official. Failure to comply after technicals are given may result in a team’s forfeiture of the game, or individual removal from the gym or both. Any spectator involved in this regard may also be removed from the gym.


7. No Fighting. Any player, parent or coach involved in instigating or participating in a physical fight on or off the court within the JCC will be removed by an official, staff or security and will be immediately suspended indefinitely. Upon further review the following will occur:


  • placed on probation under a zero tolerance status indefinitely

  • remain suspended until further notice and then put on probation status

  • no longer be allowed to participate in any future J-Hoops leagues


8. Coaches must be treated with respect and be allowed to coach their teams without distractions. If concerns do arise regarding your child’s team, please set up an appropriate time to speak with the coach either over the phone or in person. It is not appropriate to do this immediately before, during or after a game. If not satisfied following a meeting with your child’s coach you may contact the J-Hoops staff at an appropriate time during the week to discuss your concerns regarding your child’s team. Meetings will not be conducted before, during or after a game. If there is no resolution to the above, the family of the player reserves the right to withdraw from the league but will not be refunded.

9. No refunds will be given for voluntary withdrawals after Game 1 or removal from the league by the JHoops staff due to rules violations.


10. Be involved in a positive way. Attend your child’s games as often as you can. Cheer for all the players on the team. If you want to help and not sure how, ask your coach. Your kids are watching you-make them proud!